Health Care

Our attorneys are mindful that abortion, contraception, and sterilization procedures are extremely politicized and lightly regulated. Many who participate in these procedures receive inadequate medical care and suffer long-term physical ramifications in the wake of such "reproductive health" techniques. In addition to physical injuries, those who have endured such procedures often experience emotional anguish and psychological harm. Moreover, many were never adequately informed about a procedure's effectiveness or risks. Men are frequently ignored in the decision making process.

If you or someone you know has been injured, victimized, ignored, or otherwise mistreated in the process of obtaining an abortion, chemical abortion, in the administration of Plan B or birth control pills, patches, implants, or injections, surgical sterilizations procedures, examinations, and other interventions, our firm is interested in helping you obtain justice.

Patients are not the only victims of the contraceptive and abortive mindset. Many health providers -- including doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners -- have been subjected to pressure to act in way that would violate their consciences. If you have been punished in the workplace or in a learning institution -- i.e., you have received threats of termination, loss of income, denial of benefits or promotions, or limitation of shifts available -- please contact us.

We focus on personal injury and medical malpractice cases as a means of addressing sexual abuse, physical harm, and emotional trauma left in the wake of a society addicted to pornography, accepting of sexual licentiousness, and fraudulently deceived into tolerating abortion as a sometimes "necessary" evil.

For many the first objective may be to seek mercy and forgiveness. Legal recourse is no substitute for the sacrament of reconciliation. We are happy to help facilitate communication with appropriate counselors for anyone interested in beginning the mourning and healing process. At the appropriate time, you may wish to pursue legal remedies with respect to those who exploited you at a time of extreme vulnerability. At that point, we hope you will consider the advantages of seeking our assistance.

The Church teaches the principle of "subsidiarity", which disfavors big government entitlement programs where local means of addressing problems would prove more responsive to those in need. We believe ardently in this principle. Yet, big government programs such as social security exist, and the faithful have paid into these pseudo-"insurance" programs in reliance on their coverage if unable to continue in the work by which they earn a living. Our law firm is often able to represent folks who require assistance in litigating a claim that the government has rejected.

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