Constitutional & Civil Rights

Many in the intelligentsia seem to believe the civil rights era was all about improving race relations and undermining marital relations. They overlook the continuing efforts to chill or silence the political expression and to infringe upon the religious liberty of the faithful and of Church institutions. They routinely ignore the plight of the unborn and of the infirm amidst the utilitarian and libertine ethics that prevail at present. Equally frustrating, many attorneys focus on risk management to such an extent that they advise complete paralysis and discourage the faithful and Church institutions from working to achieve the goals that they set out to achieve.

Our attorneys and staff are strident advocates of the rights of those most vulnerable in today's society: the unborn, the elderly, and the disabled. We also work with the faithful and with Church institutions to develop aggressive strategies that identify acceptable risks while maximizing the likelihood of successfully achieving objectives consistent with Church teaching and an evangelistic-catechesis mandate.

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