Would-Be Low Power FM Radio Broadcasters Applicants Await Word on Deadline for Filing FCC Form 318

Filing period began while the government was closed.

By Stu Nolan

Last night the FCC released a Public Notice that shifted many deadlines until November 4. The Public Notice did not address the LPFM Filing Window directly, and so technically the window is currently open and the deadline for submitting applications remains 6 PM on October 29.

Moreover, the FCC released yesterday a Sixth Order on Reconsideration regarding its LPFM Rules and policies. That Order, which was clearly written before the government shutdown but only released upon the agency's return to operational status, refers to the "upcoming" LPFM window that, as it happens, is technically underway.

An announcement regarding the shutdown's affect on the filing window is anticipated very soon, and all signs point to some sort of an extension. In light of the recent Order clarifying certain policies with respect to competing LPFM applications, and in view of the deadline adjustments already announced, it would be difficult to imagine any deadline relief that did not at least extend the LPFM application filing period into November.

We'll update this posting to reflect additional news regarding the LPFM window as we receive clarification from the Commission.

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