FCC Media Bureau circulates decision for approval by the Commission

Action expected in another 33 MX Groups

By Stu Nolan

On the heels of the February 26 filing deadline for certain permits authorizing noncommercial facilities in the normally commercial end of the FM band, the FCC is poised to act on another 33 groups of competing applications expected to be resolved on comparison "points" criteria.

A decision is currently being circulated on the so-called "eighth floor" for approval by the full Commission since the Audio Division staff does not hold delegated authority to conduct the "mini-hearings" that take application of the comparative criteria are supposed to represent.

This limitation on staff authority contrasts with the delegated authority that the staff does hold with respect to "singleton" applications that, either by technical amendment or settlement agreement, no longer compete with any other application, as well as so-called "fair distribution" cases resolved pursuant to Section 307(b) of the Communications Act.

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