Our central office is located in the headquarters building of Human Life International, where our full time attorneys and staff have daily access to the sacraments and the graces that ensue. We also involve, on a contract basis, attorneys located in other regions of the country so as to provide assistance in a growing list of jurisdictions and practice areas. Attorneys seeking to contact us to explore joining our team are encouraged to submit a resume and writing sample, provided that all candidates for employment should be dedicated to providing legal services from the perspective of fidelity to the Magisterium in all respects.

You may reach us as follows:

LegalWorks Apostolate, PLLC
4 Family Life Lane
Front Royal, Virginia 22630

Tel 540.622.8070
Fax 540.622.2247

Find on us on the Internet at LegalWorks.com

Or call us toll free at Tel 888.40 "WORKS" or (888.409.6757)

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Prospective Clients should prayerfully consider the following:

*An attorney who has pledged fidelity to the Magisterium will not pursue arguments, strategies or goals inconsistent with the teachings of the Church;

*A conflict of interest may arise for such an attorney if and when a client's best strategic option from a perspective that ignores the faith of the attorney and/or client is distinct from the client's best interest in the context of boundaries and mandates informed by faith;

*You should not disclose confidential information to the attorneys and staff at LegalWorks Apostolate, PLLC, unless and until you receive confirmation that we have accepted your request for representation.

*No attorney-client relationship with LegalWorks Apostolate, PLLC, will exist unless and until the Apostolate completes an analysis of the potential or actual conflicts of interest that might arise from representation in light of the information you provide.

*Changes to our rates and billing procedures will be reflected in changes to the information posted on our Internet site, but those changes will not become effective until at least 30 days following the posting of the changes to the site.

*You have the right, and may well wish to exercise it, to seek independent legal counsel before making any decision as to whether to seek legal assistance from LegalWorks Apostolate, PLLC.