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LegalWorks Apostolate is a full service firm dedicated to offering legal counsel for a Culture of Life.

What do we mean when we describe LegalWorks as an "apostolate"? We begin with a special commitment to assist those individuals, families, businesses, Church institutions, and lay apostolates who are committed to a Culture of Life. We decline to represent any individual or entity with respect to ongoing opposition to the traditional teachings of the Church, and we refuse to adopt strategies or tactics that contradict our faith. It amounts to a unique commitment to turning our professional work on behalf of clients into acts that witness to our faith and enrich our own relationships with our clients and, ultimately, with our Lord. Please visit the "Our Mission" section of the website to learn more about what we mean by a "legal apostolate".

This approach is consistent with the best interests of our clients, who include numerous faithful individuals, families, businesses, Church institutions, and lay apostolates. Please visit our "Practice Areas" section of the website for a description of the various fields in which we offer legal counsel, or for a representative listing of previous and current clients.

Prayerfully consider whether you want the legal counsel and unique perspective that we offer. And in any event, please pray for us and for our work facilitating the worthy efforts of so many.

Note that none of the content on this Internet site constitutes legal advice and that no information submitted via this site is privileged or otherwise suggests that an attorney-client relationship has arisen. Contact us if you might like our assistance so that appropriate procedures for reviewing and accepting new client matters can be observed.